Transfer Blockbuster Of Summer 2021: After Sancho, which superstar makes the world surprised?

Transfer Blockbuster Of Summer 2021: After Sancho, which superstar makes the world surprised?

Jadon Sancho is considered the first "shot" for the 2021 summer transfer and the name will buy the "blockbuster" next?

Published on: 2021-07-16 01:53


The first blockbuster of the 2021 summer transfer was the Jadon Sancho deal to MU for £ 73 million from Borussia Dortmund. This is considered the spiritual encouragement of European giants in the race to sign the signature of the world's top stars.

Sancho is the first "blockbuster" of the summer transfer window

The question is what name will become a next blockbuster? Two contemporary football superstars are climbing Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo most likely to assume in Barcelona and Juventus. According to the news of Fabrizio Romano transfer professionals, Messi will renew with Barcelona when returning to the club after the holiday.

Meanwhile, Juventus's senior leadership member confirmed that Ronaldo was not for sale. Earlier, some sources said that the Portuguese superstar will run to France in PSG's call.

One of the most possible deals was Harry Kane to leave Tottenham. The British striker has not had any title with the "rooster" and has just missed the Euro 2020 championship. This year is 28 years old, Kane definitely wants to find a title for himself but not to return to second.

Currently, Man City is the team who wants to have the most Kane when willing to spend £ 100 million to Tottenham in this deal. If successful, the Etihad team will own extremely scary goods in the next season with the lead of Pep Guardiola.

Blockbuster Transfer Summer 2021: After Sancho, which superstar makes the world overweight?
Harry Kane will go to Man City to earn debut brand? (Photo source: Internet)

Harry Kane will go to Man City to earn debut brand?

Realizing that, Chelsea also prepared to buy Erling Haaland. He reported that Abramovich boss had approved £ 150 million for this deal. Chelsea have just won the C1 trophy last season so the Russian billionaire wants to protect the achievement of course.

MU also plans to welcome a rookie in the near future. They are negotiating to recruit Raphael Varane from Real Madrid. French midfielder only 1 year of contracts should have "red demons" have a great advantage on the negotiating table. Currently, Real challenges more than £ 70 million but this number can be equal to 0 if the Spanish team is too enforcement.

Meanwhile, Liverpool is rumored to recruit Saul Niguez from Atletico Madrid. This team recycled de Paul for £ 30 million on Monday (July 12) as a farewell to Saul. The Spanish midfielder wants to leave from the previous season but hasn't been successful and this is the right time for Liverpool to "welcome him to Dinh".

With abundant financing, the Premier League is the possibility that the region has the most exciting movement on the transfer market. This is a kind of mutual relationship when the tournament has many good players who will be more attractive and vice versa, the more attractive tournament attracts many good players. Let's wait and see which "blockbuster" will vibrate the school's bridge in the future.

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