Mourinho won 10-0 at launch: Fans compare to Solskjaer, say bitter words

Mourinho won 10-0 at launch: Fans compare to Solskjaer, say bitter words

Fans have many contrast reactions on the Twitter social network after the information of coach Jose Mourinho has a victory in the launch of AS Roma.

Published on: 2021-07-16 09:34


In the first match as the coach of AS Roma, Jose Mourinho and the new students burying the class under Montecatini with a score of 10-0 in the Fulvio Bernardini Training Center. Notably, strikers were wearing Roma shirt as a loan from Real, Borja Mayoral, shining with a hat-trick.

Mourinho won 10-0 to launch: Fan Compare Solskjaer, say bitter words
Mourinho in the debut match with AS Roma (Photo source: Internet)

Mourinho in the debut match with AS Roma

Should know, Montecatini - the team Mourinho defeated - currently playing in Serie D. "His Roma team can score 10 goals against a Serie D team, while Ole's United Man can score 9 goals in the grid A Premier League team like Southampton ", a comparative fans. "Only 10 goals in front of a series of Serie D?", Another person spoke up.

Besides, a fans also posted photos of Luke Shaw defender in Brazilian shirt, the name "Shawberto Carlos", with comments: "That's not this guy, not 20-0". Earlier, Mourinho had a loudly of Shaw's classification, but after witnessing the impressive British defender in Euro 2020, he "changed his face" and dedicated Shaw praise.

In addition, they did not expect Mourinho's team to play fire like this when the season began. "Don't expect the same thing to go to the tournament, will be a bus, score from counterattacks and build a bus". "Win 10-0 at the period before the season to lose 0-1 for 10 consecutive weeks, he could tell him a balanced number," another person gave anticipated.

However, there are not many optimistic fans about Mourinho's future after an impressive start. "His teams led only the title when he resisted", a fans commented on Mourinho. "Remember this tweet, he will leave in 18 months after making the training committee disappointed, stamping the player and dealing with the dressing room," a fans said.

On July 18, Roma would confront Ternana in the second friendly match. This match will be sent by the capital team to fans through direct waves.