Party of 25 goals & 5 top matches of Euro

Party of 25 goals & 5 top matches of Euro

After a month of competition, the EURO 2020 closed with dramatic battles, suffocating and full of goal.

Published on: 2021-07-13 08:47


After a month of competition, the EURO 2020 closed with dramatic battles, suffocating and full of goal. The following are the 5 best, dramatic and attractive matches of the Euro 2020 finals ending.

Portugal 2-4 Germany (match 2)

The battle between Portugal and Germany in the framework of Table F, takes place in the second match in the group stage. After the defeat, Germany joined the stone attack with continuous passes when confronting Portugal.

While trying to find early goals, Germany suddenly punctured after 1/3 of the first half time, from the spectacular counterattack of the Trade.

Ronaldo has a goal to open the score after a sharp counterattack of Portugal recruitment.

The goal caused German recruits to be awakened and ended in the first half with 2 goals, both tables were grid by Portuguese defender, respectively Ruben Dias and Guerreiro.

In the first half of the second half, Germany continued to be stunned by Portugal, with consecutive goals of Kai Havertz and Robin Gosens.

The efforts of European champions can only help them reduce the score to 2-4, thanks to Digo Jota. This is the fifth consecutive defeat of Ronaldo and his comrades against the Germans.

Croatia 3-5 Spain (Round 1/8)

Croatia and Spain dedicated to the audience of the match with the most goals of the Euro 2020 season. Luka Modric pulled the Croatian ship into the extra time but Morata's moment made a quarter-finals.

The match closed after 90 minutes with 6 goals divided equally for 2 teams after 90 minutes and when entering the extra time, Croatia had a good opportunity to rise to the second half, but the goalkeeper Unai Simon had a price saved Treatment is no different from a goal. The certainty where the defense brings great confidence to Spanish strikers.

Party 25 goals & 5 top matches in Euro: Germany for Ronaldo
Morata shines once helping Spain to rise to the lead (source: Internet)

Morata shines in time to help Spain to rise to the lead

100 minutes, Morata received Dani Olmo's crossing line and then blocked a beat, swung his striker like he wanted to tear Croatian. This goal turned Morata to become Spanish's No. 1 striker in Euro periods, along with Fernando Torres.

Only 3 minutes later, Olmo continued to create Oyarzabal to raise the ratio to 5-3. This is also a finalist winning table for Spain.

France 3-3 Switzerland, 4-5 Pen (Round 1/8)

This is a desirable victory of Switzerland, when they have made France go through a loss of 1st half, they even have 1-0 in the 15th minute.

The second half of the 2 -m successfully blocked goalkeeper Lloris helped "Les Bleus" as returning from the dead, they shouted their spirit to record two tables to lead 2-1, then raise the score 3-1 After Pogba's product.

Party 25 goals & 5 top matches in Euro: Germany for Ronaldo
Mbappe dropped his left to the decision to "shot" to enter the French. (Photo source: Internet)

Mbappe dropped his left to the decision to "shot" to enter the French.

However, the Swiss recruiting had a great match or before the French recruiting when from the place of 1-3 has done the score 3-3 at the last minute.

After 2 extra units did not record any goals, the two teams had to conduct the first 11m shootout at the Euro 2020. Here, at the fifth striker shot MBappe took a break in the feminacy of 4-5 Previously Swiss recruitment, and France soon broke up with the game.

Belgium 1-2 Italia (quarter-finals)

The match "Great War" between Belgium and Italy took place in a very attractive scenario immediately after the opening whistle. With high excitement, Italy has put Belgium about the home field and constantly puts pressure on goalkeeper Courtois. On the contrary, Belgium could hardly welcome the return of midfielder Kevin de Bruyne but before the big pressure from the enemy, the army of coach Roberto Martinez had to play deeply.

Italy's non-stop effort was finally paid off in the 31st minutes, when Barella handled cleverly in the penalty area before hit the opening angle from the opening angle to Italy. The excitement after the goal of opening the deadlock, Insigne marked a sublimation match with a shadow and ending the label to doubling the gap for Italy at 44 minutes.

Party 25 goals & 5 top matches in Euro: Germany for Ronaldo
Insigne with super products raised the score to 2-0 for Italian recruitment (Photo source: Internet)

Insigne with a super product raised the score to 2-0 for Italy

Just like the first half will close with the score of 2-0 for teachers Roberto Mancini, in the second minute, Belgium has found a goal shortened after Doku fouled in the penalty area. On a penalty spot, Lukaku didn't make any mistakes to help Belginate light up the hope before the break.

Entering the second half, the de Bruyne, Doku and especially Lukaku had the opportunities for themselves. However, in a day, it was too ungainly, Belgium was really helpless in equalizing before Italy. Winning with the score 2-1 helps Italy win the right to meet Spain.

Italy 1-1 Spain, 4-2 Pen (Semi-finals)

The first semi-finals of Euro 2020 are the confrontation of Italian and Spanish Tel. The two teams had manual performances from the beginning of the tournament so the audience would expect an attractive match with many goals. However, Mancini coach changed tactics when asking for low-rocking students and giving birth to Spain.

To the second half, the match did not have many changes until the 60th minute. Italy had an antifouts and Chiesa counterattack opened the match with a super product. This goal makes the match face change completely. Both coaches constantly change the personnel but only one succeeds.

In the 80th minute, the striker entered the yard to replace the Alvaro Morata breakthrough the middle, turning on the wall with Olmo and defeating goalkeeper Donnarumma to take a removal table for Spain. At the end of the game, both teams had the opportunity to raise the score but did not take advantage of success and need extra time to resolve loss.

Party 25 goals & 5 top matches in Euro: Germany for Ronaldo
Jorginho with a cold shot of cold "kicking" Spain to the country. (Photo source: Internet)

Jorginho with a cold shot of cold "kicking" Spain to the country.

The first extra union belongs to Spain but they cannot pierce the enemy. The second secondary part belongs to Italy, Berardi shakes the enemy grid but not recognized. The match was forced to enter the shootout.

Two first players of the two teams were Locatelli (Italy) and Olmo (Spain), which made a dramatic shootout. When the score was 3-2 in favor of Italy, Spain's Morata finished broken and Jorginho did not miss the opportunity to end the match with a familiar flute shot.

In the end, Italy won 4-2 in the shootout to gain right to play the Euro 2020 finals while Spanish bitterly left.