Sancho is only a substitution in England national team at Euro is a warning for MU

Sancho is only a substitution in England national team at Euro is a warning for MU

MU will have Jadon Sancho but the fact that he was only in England at Euro is a big question mark.

Published on: 2021-07-16 01:55


Jadon Sancho will be MU's person after Euro 2020 and fans are definitely eager because they will have a leading winger European. Although young but Sancho is one of the players with the most stable attacks in the top 5 European Fundangers since the 2018 World Cup, standing for Messi, Lewandowski and Mbappe.

Sancho is one of Europe's most regular scorers & tectors since World Cup 2018

One of Sancho's secrets was the ability to play very streets to make him compare with Neymar when they were kicked in his young teams. Sancho defeated the person with different ways, so he often attracted the attention of the opponent defender, in the euro past the image of him walking and around 4 Ukrainian players have caused fever with the community Network. MU needs such a capable attacker to smoke people and create space for other players to operate.

But the Sancho was only at the time he would sometimes makes MU fans to wonder. Why does such a talented player only show 97 minutes in Euro, reserve almost all matches except against Ukraine in the quarterfinals? Why do you just watch Sancho is a plan even if you are evaluated to have more effectively attack than Mason Mount or Phil Foden?

In the Euro of course Coach Gareth Southgate promotes the caution in the game rather than attacking to score, he must go to the new semi-finals and it is partly thanks to the powerful assistance of strikers with rooms Ngu. Raheem Sterling or Mason Mount When entering the yard is actively disputed to reduce the pressure load for the lower level, and Sterling still retains his danger in the attack.

Sancho only in England at Euro is
Attention of Ukraine Defense for Sancho (Photo Source: Internet)

Attention of Ukrainian defense for Sancho

Many people will argue that rock at the club level doesn't need so and Sancho can operate more comfortably in any position of Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the UK. But in fact, matches in the country showed that many tactics were often seen in the club and in the only match Sancho Stone, he revealed a very clear weakness in defense.

Until the game, the defensive brother played firmly even when Harry Maguire sat outside in some round matches. However, before Ukraine they had anxious minute when Ukraine hit the right wing. Kyle Walker continuously faced at a time with 2 Ukrainian players Vitaliy Mykolenko and Mykola Matviyenko while not supported.

From the beginning of Southgate to let Walker go back to the Sancho's poor defensive ability, but he still had to push Sterling to the right wing to cover Walker and put Sancho to the opposite wing. If he didn't win that battle he could even have withdrawed for sanccho soon, and then Southgate only used Saka and Mount in the remaining two matches due to their pressing ability.

Sancho only in England at Euro is
L'Equipe Grading Lowest Singer Tel England in the Ukrainian won though Sancho received a lot of compliments (Photo: Internet)

L'Equipe grading the lowest Singer in England in the Ukrainian won though Sancho received a lot of compliments

L'Equipe's L'Equipe sports sheet is very difficult to score players and when the battle of him - Ukraine, they only give Sancho 4 points, the lowest in the British players. Many people will assume that it is too strict, but in fact Sancho doesn't help Walker much and besides, he mainly on the left shadow for Sterling and Luke Shaw moving no better.

There will be the arguments that there is a good Aaron Wan-Bissaka defensive, MU will just need to focus on the defense above. The reality of Wan-Bissaka's position is an effectively exploiting the enemy when attacking (such as Leipzig 2-3 loss in the Champions League last season), Wan-Bissaka is assessed with a shiny but feeling The position is quite poor and has not a few times to escape the attached person.

Sancho is a star but even the best players also limit the coaches to adjust the tactics. Filling the effects that Sancho's weakness may affect MU will be a large problem for coach Solskjaer.