Top 10 football stars who never won the UEFA Champions League

Top 10 football stars who never won the UEFA Champions League

Top 10 football stars who never won the UEFA Champions League

Published on: 2021-12-01 02:20


These players had a lot of achiever in their careers but geographic region domination eluded them.

Attractive the UEFA Champions League stiff a ambition for any player in club football. The rivalry sees the best teams and players on the satellite contend to be capped the creme-de-la-creme of European football.

Players have made themselves into greats and have continuing to make themselves into legends finished this competition. However, disdain achieving a lot of winner otherwise, a few players have lost out on lifting this prize in their career. It stiff a wee disastrous mark in their other trophy-laden career. So we bring off to you 10 fabled players who uncomprehensible out on lifting the biggest superior in club football.

10. Fabio Cannavaro

The Italian defender entrenched himself as one of the best of his generation. The Azzurri caption won cardinal trophies in his vocation but never the UEFA Champions League. He won the UEFA Cup in 1998-99 (currently UEFA Europa League), which cadaver his only Europe triumph.

Cannavaro’s biggest second came when he led the Italian internal team to win the FIFA Earth Cup in 2006. His elysian defensive led the Azzurri to lift their twenty-five percent title. As a result, he won the Ballon d’Or and FIFA Human race Player of the Year in 2006. He became only the minute defender after Franz Beckenbauer to win football’s biggest separate prize.

9. Roberto Baggio

Baggio was one of the most fatal strikers of his era (Courtesy: These Football Times) (Image Source: Internet)

If Cannavaro proved himself as one of the best defenders, Baggio deep-rooted himself as one of the best forwards of his generation. The Heavenly Ponytail, as he was fondly called, won the Ballon d’Or and FIFA Public Player of the Year in 1993.

Baggio diagrammatic the likes of Fiorentina, Juventus and the two Milano clubs. But his goalscoring returns never decreased disdain dynamical clubs regularly.

Like Cannavaro, Baggio also could only win the UEFA Cup in 1992-93. He never got to taste perception UEFA Champions League success. He also heartbreakingly incomprehensible out on fetching the FIFA Globe Cup when he incomprehensible a deciding punishment in the gunplay of the 1994 edition.

8. Dennis Bergkamp

Bergkamp delineate III of the biggest clubs in Europe in Ajax, Bury Milano and Arsenal. But it was with the Gunners that he became a house name. Bergkamp scored 120 goals in 423 games for Arsenal and was part of the known “Invincibles” in 2003-04. Sadly, Champions League winner wasn’t certain for the Dutch legend.

Bergkamp won two UEFA Cups with both Ajax and Lay to rest Milan. He also came runners-up in the 1999-00 UEFA Cup with Arsenal. Bergkamp’s best gamble came in 2005-06, when Arsenal reached the concluding of the UEFA Champions League. However, the Gunners were familiar 2-1 by Barcelona.

7. Francesco Totti

A symbolic representation of commitment and passion, Totti is some other unreal Italian who never won the UEFA Champions League. Totti delineate Roma a thumping 786 times, grading 307 goals.

But for all his length of service and efforts, Totti could only win six trophies in his career. But his biggest second would definitely be the 2006 Universe Cup win with Italy. Totti all over up as the highest aid supplier in the competition. But dissimilar the unusual enceinte Italians in this list, continent-wide succeeder forever eluded the National capital Gladiator.

6. Giorgio Chiellini

Chiellini led Italian republic to the EURO 2020 championship (Courtesy: BeIn Sports) (Image Source: Internet)

Continued the list of cracking players who never won the UEFA Champions League is Giorgio Chiellini. The defender has made impendent to 550 appearances for Juventus and 114 for Italy and is stillness loss unassailable at 37.

Chiellini’s CV boasts of 21 trophies for club and country. The fashionable of his 21 titles came when he led his people team to the UEFA Euro 2020 title.

But the only senior composition nonexistent from his set is the UEFA Champions League. Chiellini came the closest on two occasions in 2014-15 and then 2016-17, when Juventus reached the final. However, they were familiar FC Barcelona and Real Madrid sides single years. But nonetheless, the fact that Juventus were able to take exception these sides is in itself deservingness to Chiellini’s efforts with the disk Italian champions.

5. Lothar Matthaus

The fabled European country is the highest-capped player for Die Mannschaft with 150 appearances. He also won everything in club football representing Bayern Munich and Bury Milan. But once again, he never won the UEFA Champions League. Like to Chiellini, Matthaus came adpressed to victorious the deed of conveyance on two occasions.

Matthaus was a losing finalist in 1986-87 when FC Oporto unsuccessful the disc German champions and he was also on the receiving end of sulphurous licking in the known 1998-99 final exam when Manchester United scored two late goals to break apart the Bavarians’ hearts. But that takes away no deservingness from the 16 trophies he won in his calling including the EURO 1980 and the 1990 Worldwide Cup.

4. Gianluigi Buffon

Buffon made 685 appearances for Juventus (Courtesy: Eurosport) (Image Source: Internet)

The known custodian rounds off the list of Italians among bully players who never won the UEFA Champions League. Buffon made his name with Juventus, qualification 685 appearances for them. He is calm leaving fresh at Parma at 43 and is year-end in on 1000 appearances in club football.

Buffon has upraised an stupefying 28 trophies in his pro career. He made it to leash Champions League finals with Juventus in 2002-03, 2014-15 and 2016-17. But sadly, he was on the losing side on all ternion occasions. It is a rather below the belt return key that Buffon never got to win a sui generis Champions League considering his choice and success. However, the European country had his top bit as he played with Totti and Cannavaro in the 2006 Globe Cup-winning squad.

3. Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero was a base of Manchester City’s ascendance in planetary football domination. The South american country won 15 trophies with the Cityzens but the UEFA Champions League eluded him. It seemed like he could finally break up the swearword last season, his net one with Manchester City, as they reached the final examination for the introductory time.

But the man who led the Sky Vapour to five Premier League titles couldn’t get them over the line. Manchester City lost to Premier League rivals Chelsea on the night. Aguero late had a sweeter end to the flavour as he won the Copa Usa with Argentina.

Recent reports emerged that Aguero could recede from the game due to a curtailing ticker condition. Therefore, it could well mean he would end up proper some other enthusiastic player who never won the Champions League. A sad end to what has been a illustrious vocation for Aguero for both club and country, a UEFA Champions League statute title could have been a top present moment for him.

2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Ibrahimovic is standing departure industrial-strength at 40 age old (Courtesy: Regular Sabah) (Image Source: Internet)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has portrayed some of the biggest clubs in the celibate including the two Milano clubs, Barcelona, Ajax, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus and Manchester United. He’s also the 11th highest goalscorer in the chronicle of the UEFA Champions League and is shut up sledding virile at 40 for club and country.

It is impressive that disdain his chronicle with the competition, Zlatan has never won the UEFA Champions League. In fact, the closest he ever came was the quarter-final in 2015-16 with Paris Saint-Germain. But otherwise, Zlatan has hush up had a fantastic calling victorious a solid 30 trophies and marking 507 goals in 846 games at club tied and 62 in 120 games for Sweden.

1. Ronaldo Nazario

Well-advised by many as the superior striker of all-time, Ronaldo Nazario had everything you requisite from a striker and more. The South american country won everything in football, individually and collectively, exclude the UEFA Champions League.

Ronaldo’s prize storage locker boasts 18 trophies for club and country. This run includes two FIFA Earth Cup and Copa America trophies, a La Liga statute title with Real Madrid and a Copa del Rey with FC Barcelona among others. Not to mention, he won leash FIFA Worldly concern Player of the Year and two Ballons d’Or. Ronaldo is also the only player to symbolise the two Milan clubs along with European nation giants Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

El Fenomeno scored 352 goals in 518 games in his club vocation and 62 goals in just 98 games for Brazil, the third-highest in Selecao history. But scorn all these records and his unconvincing quality, Ronaldo could never win the UEFA Champions League prize in his career. Therefore, he is by far the most high-profile player who never won the competition.

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