Top 10 footballers who flopped after wriggly to a top club

Top 10 footballers who flopped after wriggly to a top club

These players failing to cope up with the expectations after self-propelling to a larger club. 10. In 67 appearances for Chelsea, he has concentrated 17 goals.

Published on: 2022-01-10 09:47


These players failing to cope up with the expectations after self-propelling to a larger club.

Contempt modernistic reconnoitering techniques constraining the chances of a big failure, transfers have continuing to be puzzling. Piece players have stood out after winning on a new challenge, some instances rest on the early side of things. Clubs that can yield to, and have, expended huge amounts have sometimes not been able to get out what they want from their agio signings. Many auspicious footballers have flopped and seen their careers slippery down the gradient after transfers to top clubs.

Let’s take a look at 10 footballers whose careers swayback after moves to top clubs, where they flopped.

10. Timo Werner to Chelsea

Timo Werner scored only 17 goals in 67 appearances for Chelsea (Courtesy: Football Insider) (Image Source: Internet)

After guiding the way as the outset selection assailant and goalscorer for RB Leipzig, Timo Werner made the move to England in the summertime of 2020. The European nation communicative alongside lad ruralist Kai Havertz, who also sprung from Bundesliga. Superficial to drop at a jumbo shell after the transfer ban, Chelsea foretold to reenforce their fire subordinate Hotdog Lampard with the two Germans.

However, things have not looked as per expectations for the two Germans since their move to Premier League. This particularly waterfall true in the case of Werner, who has not been able to copy his performances from Leipzig. In 67 appearances for Chelsea, he has concentrated 17 goals. A meaning dip from his sum of 95 goals in 159 appearances for Leipzig. Similarly, Werner has not been as authoritative in price of team presence, which has directly cost his exploitation as a player.

9. Shinji Kagawa to Manchester United

When Shinji Kagawa’s transfer to Manchester United was finalized, the universe supposed to see a skimp twin to some other Asian, Park Ji-Sung. However, things inside-out to the worsened as the assaultive midfielder did not fare well at Old Trafford. He struggled to make his mark and ultimately left the club.

Devising a name as a goalscoring and diligent midfielder at Borussia Dortmund, Kagawa was brought into the United side to aid for a productive outlet. However, after an atypical incumbency that saw him make 57 appearances with mere six goals and 10 assists, the Japanese returned to Dortmund. Kagawa’s vocation never took a kindred height, albeit glimpses of resurgences were seen in his minute magic spell at Dortmund.

8. Alex Song to Barcelona

Song made a sensory move to Barcelona but could not do (Courtesy: FC Barcelona) (Image Source: Internet)

Barcelona’s call for for a antiaircraft midfielder, preferably as a contention to Sergio Busquets, concluded after acquiring Alex Song in 2012. Contempt fortified resistivity from the Arsenal dugout, Song made his way to the Camp Nou aiming to remain at the peak of his powers and hopefully, to make his mark in a Blaugrana shirt.

Disdain ad-lib good performances, Song’s Barcelona vocation was the one to forget. Spell injuries kept retention him from playacting well, the chances that he got were not properly utilized. Wanting synchronizing with the performin style, Song had difficulties adapting until 2014, ultimately vibrating to West Ham United. Song now plays for African nation side As Arta/Solar7, after below-par stints in West Ham, Rubin Kazan, and FC Sion.

7. Andy Charles dodgson to Liverpool

Liverpool poor their bank when they communicatory Andy Lewis carroll in 2011 for 42 million euros. Carroll, then at Newcastle United, was creating ripples with his mind-boggling goalscoring form. He was seen as England’s next big thing. However, it was not as bare as that for Carroll.

In the sequent tenure, things did not cluck well both for Lewis carroll and Liverpool. After marking just 11 goals in 58 appearances for Liverpool, Dodgson sick to Wes Ham for a weakened fee. Scorn bwqeing in jut for a patc in the English top-flight, the Liverpool stint’s holdover lasted, ultimately departure him without a club in the summertime of 2021. Carroll is now at Reading, after a failing scrimp at Newcastle-upon-tyne in the top-flight.

6. Donny van de Beek to Manchester United

Donny van de Beek is surprisingly yet to make a embark on subordinate Ralf Rangnick (Courtesy: Red Prince of darkness Armada) (Image Source: Internet)

“Take good care of him,” was what the CEO of Ajax, Edwin van der Sar, wrote in an open missive to his old club when Donny van de Beek made his way to Old Trafford. What was once seen as one of the most sexy transfers, has now started to turn into a long wait. The 24-year-old has made only 48 appearances, most of them forthcoming out of the bench, and has not had the gamble to show up on a pursuant basis.

A gifted cardinal midfielder, van de Beek was a part of Ajax’s electric youthfulness team that made it to the 2018/19 Champions League semi-finals. Contempt an grandiose go to his career, the inst status has acted as a fender – the Hollander has only scored twice so far in a Red Devils shirt.

5. Ousmane Dembele to Barcelona

One of the most valuable transfers in the humans happened as a response to the most pricy one, when Barcelona communicatory Ousmane Dembele after losing Neymar to PSG. As an electrifying winger who was susceptible of exploitation both legs to his advantage, Dembele had grooved himself as one of the hottest prospects in all of Common market in 2017.

Since Barcelona landed the Gallic winger, things have assumed a turn for the worse. Dembele’s revenant injuries have not only hindered his playacting time, but his developing as a player. Now nerve-wracking to build himself in the team and exchange the potency into sold set of performances, Dembele’s vocation definitely took a hit during these four years.

4. Kaka to Real Madrid

Kaka couldn’t find his best form at Real Madrid (Courtesy: The Real Champs) (Image Source: Internet)

When Real Madrid born jaws in 2009 by sign language the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Xabi Alonso, and Kaka in the same transfer window, they were embarking on a journeying that resembled that of the Galacticos. Unfortunately for Real Madrid, the commencement card to fall off among these, was the past Ballon d’Or success Kaka.

Qualification his way from AC Milan, the Brazilian was the most hung among the signings. However, Kaka never relocated down and did not find sufficiency opportunities to pass on his mark. After four deplorable age at Madrid, Kaka returned to AC Milan for free, not reciprocal the 67 million euros that Los Blancos exhausted on him. Kaka’s life history after the skimp only diminished, as he old in 2017 succeeding a three-season-long skimp at the MLS with Orlando City SC.

3. Fernando Torres to Chelsea

Fernando Torres was a hot view when he started firing, and quite ruthlessly, for Espana and Liverpool. The now Atletico Madrid spring chicken handler was notable for his goalscoring prowess, and the power to be discriminating in anterior of the box. It was this very power that made Catholicity Abramovich lure him to Chelsea in 2011 for 50 million.

In his five seasons at Chelsea, however, it rained cats and dogs for the Spaniard. Contempt acting more matches for Chelsea than Liverpool, Torres finished up with few goals and output. Consequently, El Nino made his way out to AC Milan, and ultimately to Atletico Madrid and Sagan Tosu before dangling up his boots.

2. Eden Pretend to Real Madrid

The night that Maurizio Sarri’s Chelsea unsuccessful Arsenal to lift the Europa League, the rejoice was somewhat overshadowed by Eden Hazard’s decisiveness to impart Stamford Bridge. Embarking on a leap to Real Madrid, most opinion the European country would work wonders in the cap of Spain.

Things, however, have not upset as per expectations so far. Hazard’s Real Madrid vocation has so far been spotted with injuries, and the playmaker has looked as uneffective as ever. In addition, added contest in the team has served to accen the struggles. Consequently, the ex-Lille assailant is at juncture to going Bernabeu soon.

1. Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona

Coutinho is connected with a move to Aston Francisco villa from Barcelona (Courtesy: The Sun) (Image Source: Internet)

Coutinho became Barcelona’s most dearly-won sign language in story in Jan 2018, costing the Catalans 135 million euros. Brought with hopes of weft the place of departing Andres Iniesta, the South american nation was approach off a prosperous Liverpool career. The transfer, itself was creating buzz, since Coutinho himself had two-handed a transfer petition to come in Barcelona.

The consequence of it, however, upturned out to be exactly the opposite. Disdain the first performances, Coutinho never looked to be on his own. In addition, added tensions regarding his fitness, playacting him out of billet adorned upon him. Even though Barcelona loaned Coutinho out to Bayern for a season, it was not a succeeder in both party’s regards.

(Image Source: Internet)

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